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slam for kids

Our aim is to make kids move more, to be healthier and stronger, develop co-ordination and confidence in a fun and relaxed way.

Research has shown if a child is active they will continue to lead a healthy lifestyle in adulthood.

SLAM wants to help all children regardless of abilities to find something that they enjoy in exercise.

SLAM is not about reaching levels, awards, competitions, belts. It is about having fun whilst gaining Strength in Life, Active in Movement….SLAM.



slam for teens

Too young for the gym? Loathe or love team sports? Want to exercise but can’t find the right place?

Exercise not only aids concentration, reduces stress and lifts your mood, it can also help to build self-esteem and confidence especially during teenage years. Physical exercise releases endorphins in the brain which naturally make you more energetic, more awake and happier. We want to help you to feel good.

Together we can increase your sporting performance or just get you moving to help you lead a fitter and healthier life.



Karen’s own training since the end of her team sport days has been primarily through personal 1 on 1 sessions.

She offers personal training sessions in a fully equipped boutique gym in her home, London N2.

Karen also enjoys the camaraderie and social aspect of group training. She recognises the ‘all eyes on me’ with a private Coach is not for everyone.

SLAM offers outdoor group sessions with a focus on technique in strength work and cardio to get stronger, fitter and healthier.


Karen Berman

SLAM was set up by Karen Berman who has a long history of playing team sports and is passionate about physical exercise.

A mum of three, Karen understands the pressures and challenges for children of today. She believes a strong body is imperative for their mental health and emotional well being.

She is concerned with the unhealthy obsession with video games and TV on demand taking away precious time to play outdoors, climb trees and generally move more and exercise. This together with unhealthy diets of junk food has created a concerning rise in both adult and childhood obesity.

Her aim is to inspire children at a young age to enjoy exercise and to lead a healthy, active lifestyle through their teens that will stay with them into adulthood.

Karen wants to add the fun element to exercise, keeping each session varied and interesting; a gentle approach but ensuring that each individual can reach their maximum potential.


REP’s Level 2 & 3 Qualified personal trainer

UKSCA Foundation Strength & Conditioning

DBS Security checked

REP’s Level 2 Fitness Instructing- Exercise and Physical Activity for Children

First Aid Certificate


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For Kids & Teens

SLAM offers outdoor sessions for kids and teens in Lyttelton Playing Fields, London N2. Private group or individual sessions are also available (indoor and outdoor)

For Adults

Sessions run on Fridays at 9am and Sundays at 1015am in Lyttelton Playing Fields, London N2.

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